Family Pride

Isnt it amazing how we much talk about our childrens accomplishments...I feel so proud when one of my sons achiveve a goal, make the grade, or receives an award for outstanding work. As a mom, we hope that our children will do amazing things, go out in the world and set their mark....never in my lifetime, did i think, i would be attending a ceremony which im about to tell you... My son Devon, who has been on the London Police Force for 3 years, will be given a Citation Award for his outstanding work as a Police Constable...Devon rescued a young lady from a serious fate months ago, and pursued the assailant into a river....and did not give up the pursuit until he captured this assailant.....The staff Sergeant told me that this is the highest award a Police officer can receive from the Chief of Police..
I was talking to Devon last night and he was telling me that most Constables go their entire career without ever achieving such an award....and here he is...a young Constable......low in ranks.....I am so very proud of him....I remember meeting the Chief of Police at Devons swearing in Ceremony....and the Chief mentioned... "We expect great things from him" this will be one for the scrapbooks :)