Jan 3, 2009

★ Photo A Day ~Project 365

Ali E started A Photo A Day/Day in the Life series last year...i had thought of doing it, but life took over and it didnt happen...basically....you take one picture every day for a year.

This picture, in a sense, should tell a story about that particular day. The idea behind photo a day.../Project 365 is to capture an aspect of your everyday life, everyday.

This project is not necessarily supposed to depict all the picture perfect moments of your day, but rather what the story of the day entailed.

So i have decided to jump in and give it a try this year....feel free to drop by my blog Daily Shots to see the photos i have taken...


  1. Hi Karan

    So good to chat with you today! Your blog is now on my Bookmarks! I'd love to see your studio sometime and do some creating! It's always great to have some creative juices flowing with someone as excited about scrapbooking/cardmaking as you are!

  2. It was wonderful to talk to you today as well...I look forward to doing some cardmaking with you...I feel the same, always such a blessing to find someone so excited about a hobby as I am...

    If you ever want to do a raod trip to a few stores, just let me know and we can make a day of it :)


Thank you for dropping by today I really appreciate your comments.