a day at the resort

Family vacation continues to go well. Lots to do, the boys just want to swim all the time, and im ok with that, it allows me to get a bit of sunshine too. The resort where we own our timeshare, is a five star resort and we have been owners here for 15 years now and enjoy it more each and every time we return.

My brother and his family went off to Sea World today and we decided to stay back and spend the day with friends of ours who are also at the same resort we are. Eduard and Christine Klassen and their two boys, Sheldon and Mathias. We decided to get together with them at one of the many pools here at our home resort. Elijah and Galen were the only ones in this pool while we were wating on the Klassen Family to join us. All the pools of our home resort ( 13 pools in all) have a kiddie pool, this particular pool has a fountain which is very popular among families with yournger children. These were a few pictures i grabbed this morning while we were out and about. We spent the morning swimming, went out for lunch together and will be attending one of Eduards concerts tonight in Clairmont.