★ Greetings from Sunny Florida

its tuesday already ....two days have passed of our family vacation. Sunday, our flight was delayed an hr and a half and we didnt get to our condo until 11:30 p.m. My brother and his family had arrived much earlier in the day and were enjoying their surroundings, had already walked the resort and were patiently awaiting our arrival.

yesterday (monday) we did some shopping and spent some time around the pool, it was a sunny 75 degrees here and we enjoyed the warm sun.

Today we all ventured over to Epcot (Disney) for the day, and travelled the world Pavillions. We have never been to Epcot before, it was a nice experience. But for the amount of money we spent, not something we will do again. Here are some shots from the day. This is the view heading into Disney, telling you exactly where you need to go...there is no way anyone can get lost in Disney....

Once we were parked and in the gate, we had a great photo opportunity. This is my brother Chris, sister~in~law Linda and nephew Travis. with the Epcot icon world globe in the background.

I have invited my brother and his family down to join us here many times, and this is the first time they took us up on the offer. My brother and sister in law were really looking forward to having a break, as were we. I have never had a family vacation with them, and its been so nice to sit and enjoy their company. Travis and our boys get along so well, so its been great that way too.

here are the three boys, they are standing in front of the etched signatures, for a price, you can pay to have an etched image of you placed on these huge granite blocks. I didnt look into it, i figured it was pricey so it didnt interest me a bit.

The one thing that attracted us to Epcot, was the world pavillions, there are not many rides here, so if you are wanting to browse and try different foods of the world, this would be a place for you. below is a thatched cottage, in the England pavillion. It just so happened to be the twinnings tea cottage.

this is from the Morocco Pavillion, the smell of insense filled the air in this pavaillion while belly dancers and moroccan music rang in the background. I grabbed this photo of what was a marketplace,

while heading to Japan, i had told myself i wanted to try Sushi, i have never tried it and im always telling my boys, you have to try something new all the time. So, my sister in law and I shared a tray of what they called California roll. It is mainly made of rice, with carrot, cucumber, seaweed and tuna. I loved it!!

Im not much of a seafood person, but i loved this sushi..I decided to dip it in the wasabi, and the first time i liked the taste of it...i liked it so much that the last time, i decided to take the entire wallop on my last piece of sushi. well, i advise you not to do that, unless you appreciate hot food, it was so hot it made my eyes water, i almost had to spit it out, but i didnt want to waste it, so as my eyes were watering i tried to chew it, and maintain my composure....and my sister in law laughed and chuckled, as i did...it was an experience i will never forget.

and of course, this is the gang, we were all having an awesome time, walking from pavillion to pavillion trying out different foods, and wines, and tasting one anothers recent food/beverage purchases. This is at the Japan pavillion, yeah what an awesome looking bunch they were, can you tell we were all having a great time....we had a great day! And this is a family vacation, i will remember forever. Spending it with my brother has been priceless!

this is a shot from the German Pavillion, where we all had a German Frankfurter (not what im use to in a hot dog, thats for sure, but it was tasty) and i tried a glass of Gerwutztraminer, which is my most favorite German wine. I took all in all, 93 photos of the day, and two videos.

here is a shot of Glenn and I, its a self portrait, lol..i dont know what Glenn was doing, but its actually not a bad picture, considering, what my hair had been through, ( i swear it looked good when we left the condo this morning) Glenn has already got a base for a good tan, which makes me so very jealous of his ability to do that.