Photo Tinting Technique

I use to use this technique alot in PSP and Patti was asking me the other day how to do it, so i said, bud...want me to write a tutorial and post it on my blog...her reply...would you? it im sure those of you who have PSP 7.0 or higher can probably figure out how to do this in PSP without problem, for this tutorial however, I am using PSE 6.0 One of the greatest advantages to digital scrapbooking is the ability to manipulate photos to suit your personal preferences. I have often photo tinted my photos to blend more with my paper then anything.... You can change the size, color, or apply different effects at the touch of a button. One of my favorite things is photo tinting. ( im using PSE 6.0). This tutorial will show you an easy technique which im sure you will use over and over again. I am using what is known as the Transparency Method. With this method of photo tinting, you are actually using a photo, duplicating it, making the top photo black and white and erase the area where you want the colour to show through....sounds simple huh...well it 1. Open a Color Photo (If your photo is already black and white skip to step three.) I am going to use this photo i have of my son Elijah to demonstrate how easy this technique really is. so open your photo in PSE...

2. Duplicate your layer so that you have two photos – one on top of the other. (Layer>Duplicate Layer)

3. Desaturate the top photo (CTRL-SHFT-U) do any adjustment with brightness, contrast, curves, etc. that you want. Notice you can see the two layers on the tool bar, make sure you are on the balck and white layer for our next step

4. Click on your eraser tool. I have mine set to 97 to do larger areas at one time, and if you hold your mouse button down, you can whip through this pretty quick... 5. Erase the area on the black and white layer that you want colored. Make sure to zoom in and user a smaller brush for the edges.

6. If you want to zoom in, to get really close to the edge, see the magnifying glass on the tool bar on the left click on it and you can zoom in, if you want to zoom out...right click on your image and scroll to zoom out ( thats what i do anyway) here is what a zoom in looks like.

yeah what a sap he can be, lol...see what the technique looks like, isnt it a great way to add a bit of colour to a black and white photo.

7. So once you are done, merge both layers, ( Layer>merge visible) and dont forget to save!!

You’re done!

Photo tinting can add such a wonderful accent to your pages, whether they are digital or paper. With tinting you can take your photo from a good photo to a piece of art!