Mar 31, 2009

my mini road trip...

there is nothing better then jumping in your car, and not knowing where you will end up...having a free day to yourself to do what you please... I was on the hunt for a new tote today, i didnt get very far, after dropping my DT Designs off at Two Friends, and getting a few goodies for this weekends retreat, i headed over to that craft store that sells some scrap supplies, i had a 50% off coupon that i had to use by April 3, so i thought what better place to look for scrapbook totes then there... Well, no luck with any totes, but i did find one of Ek Success Edge Punches...and decided i should have one....these new lightweight punches lock shut for stackable storage and are labeled for easy identification – no more messy drawers of unorganized punches! this little blue notch on the bottom of the punch, locks the punch closed for easy storage...what a great i want more edge punches and put in my request to my favorite scrapbook store... ;)

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  1. Bummer you didn't the find the 'tote of all totes' on your travels but glad to hear you scored this 'cool find'. congrats on your new pack em and stack em!:)


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