Mar 7, 2009

★ Photography in RAW format

A friend who was visiting us while we were in Florida, told me a tip about taking photos in RAW format...i have never tried it before and actually the programs i have on my laptop do not allow me to open RAW photos....

the thing is...when you upload your photos to your computer, it gives you a RAW image and a JPEG image, and i cannot believe the difference in the quality...even when opening the jpeg images......i havent done alot of research on it yet, but here are some i have taken today...

and yes all the photos i have uploaded since we have been in florida were RAW format..and if you already take your photos in RAW format, YAY for you, then you know what im talking here are some close ups of flowers i took....this just enforces the fact that i really want to take a photography course and hubby thinks i should...he was rather impressed with these thats a bonus...


  1. Gorgeous photos bud!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I learned about this in a photography course..but have never done it


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