The Scrapper wears Prada

lol...if you have ever watched the Devil Wears Prada movie with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep... you will have chuckled when you read the title... so...we checked out a flea market near our resort last week, and i did mean to blog about this fabulous purse i picked up, you know i have never been one to be into "purses" meaning, i dont shop for them, a purse can last me until i need to replace it, which can often be one year, or not a typical girl that way..... while out at the local flea market on Friday, my sister in law and i decided to look at a few purses, we hit a couple booths, who were carrying some awesome knock offs of Prada, Coach, and D&C.....I came across a Prada one, i just loved and wanted it, so i bartered with the clerk and got him down to is my look alike Prada..this image doesnt do it justice, its the same colour of my laptop case, that awesome green i just love.. so i have been toting it around and just love it...Joanne, i thought you would love it too :)