Mar 24, 2009

some say, recession, what recession...

there is industry that is neither affected, or bothered by the recent economic downturn, our world is taking...I say YAY for you.......layoffs are in the thousands , automotive giants are crumbling, the US government bail outs are in the hundreds of millions of dollars .....and the unemployment rate continues to rise...while our canadian dollar, continues to drop.... imagine that kind of money, those large corporations...with multi million dollars... and then look at us....a small dairy construction company...building milking parlours and new dairy barns so some Ontario farmer, can continue to do what he loves...milk we can have milk on our cereal, or cream in our coffee each and every day... I had never thought hubbys business to be affected by these financial hardships, matter of fact, with the changes soon to come to the Ontario Milk Board and price drop on milk quota, economists say, that dairy construction will be on the rise and small milking farmers will likley look to updating and enlarging...which is good for dairy construction, if you are in dairy construction like my hubby is...some farmers may look at it as a way out and sell off their quota ( which I know of a customer who has done just ) 8900 dairy farmers in Ontario, in the nineties, we are at half then that now...( under 4500 dairy farmers in Ontario).....who will farm when our grandchildren are growing...with that in mind.. DH had me put a ad out at the Ontario Job Bank on Friday, that is usually the first place, we as employers begin....he has a few new barns on the go this we are looking to hire a few good, hard working guys, who dont mind construction...normally i run the ad for 30 days, and often times, will receive 10 resumes/calls/emails for that entire month....well Friday when the ad went in, by sunday noon, we had received over 50 emails, 20 faxes and are averaging 25 calls a day for a few positions.. that right there, shows us, a small dairy construction firm in Perth County, Ontario...just how hard this recession has hit families, not just in our back yard, not just our community, but across the miles..across Canada... that is tough for a business like ours to weed through, Dh and I sat down last night and weeded through the calls, the emails, the faxes, the apps....who do you pick, and I ran the ad for 30 days.... we have applicants as far away as Nova Scotia, who are willing to relocate...just to have a paycheque....and others with initials after their name...due to B.As and M.As.... I felt so overwhelmed...and my heart broke for these men, both young and old...looking for work and reaching out with the hopes that their name may stand does bring you down to earth and make you appreciate what you have even more... I do feel so very blessed...and I pray you are too! ~~

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  1. hits so close to home doesn't it? Right now I have to say my husband and I have been lucky thus far. But I know of friends that haven't been. Don't know if it's going to get better any time can only hope it does.


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