Apr 5, 2009

★ an amazing hubby...

many of you know that our van has been ready to be retired...its a 9 yr old ford windstar with over 210,000 km on it..and slowly this once reliable vehicle has turned out to be so reliable..it has left me stranded a few times this past year and recently just a couple weeks ago while grocery shopping in Stratford....its been a great vehicle but its time we look for something more dependable,

the past couple months we have test drove a few we thought should be considered...from a chrysler pacifica, to another van, from a malibu to yet...another van...and we test drove chrysler, ford, chevy and pontiac...we had a budget we wanted to stick to and did not want to go over that budget..if at all possible...

so while at the retreat this past weekend....and while heading to bed at 2:45 this morning, i thought i should check my cell phone... i noticed someone had tried calling from home friday night and i didnt check my phone ( kept it in the hotel room all weekend) until late last night....i called hubby on the way home to let him know i was on my way...and he stated well, we need to talk....i thought maybe something was wrong and he said, oh everything is fine.....wait til you get here though....so when i arrived home i was met at the door by my youngest son...he was just flabergasted and said wait till you see what dad did...

hubby went out Friday...and bought us a 2008 Ford Escape with only 22, 000 km on it....only condition he left with the dealership, was it had to meet my approval...and on monday I need to take it for a test drive.....so we went and checked it out, after Tinas bo arrived to pick her up....its in fabulous condition...leather interior with heated seats and a cd player, all which are options i wanted in our new to us vehicle....

the ford escape will get great fuel mileage ( 36 miles to the gallon ) which is something I wanted to really consider with our next vehicle purchase

Glenn is an incredible man, friend, husband and father, and i do not tell him near enough how much i truly appreciate all he does for me and our boys. This is just an example of his dedication to his family and his love for me..I feel like I am the luckiest gal!! Thanks Honey!!!

Here is a peek at our soon to be new vehicle..2008 Ford Escape XLT it looks red in this photo but its burgandy..it came off a lease from Hewlett Packard Company...


  1. YOu are very lucky to have a great guy!!

  2. Congrats bud!!
    What a fantastic surprise!!!

  3. I was in awe...he went to the bank, got the loan all set up, with payments...so i now have a vehicle to pay for, :O

  4. wow how cool !! you lucky gal !!!what a great hubby definately a keeper !!


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