May 5, 2009

change is good...

since 2005, i have been on the road, instructing, designing & teaching classes...from hamilton, to new hamburg, from Hanover to Listowel....anyone who instructs classes anywhere, knows full well what im referring to...and this past christmas i decided i didnt want to be on the road any longer...i felt i needed a break from travelling.. well..times...... they are a changing.. some of this change is due to a dear friend Trisha Ladouceur, who after an exchange of information at the recent Scarpfest in Kitchener, told me i need to be teaching my own designs... well that was met with some concern on my part...there was a part of me, that missed the interaction you can only have in a class environment, and part of me, asking myself.... do you really want to be on the road again...this was truly a difficult decision for me to make...after talking it over with Glenn......a decision was made..... You can soon find me designing and teaching my designs at Two Scrapbook Friends in Waterloo...i have been designing classes and kits for a year now for TSF and I will now be on their line up of classes.... as per the recent email that TSF sent out... Karan Gerber will be teaching her first workshop at Two Scrapbook Friends!! We are very excited to have her sharing her talents in person as she teaches a beautiful double-page layout, Cherish, that uses Heidi Swapp Invisibles and Mega Masks. Please see details at the store...and join me for a workshop I know you will love!! Registration is required. Contact the store at (519)746-6672 for more information.


  1. Congrats Karan on your decision to start teaching again! I'm really looking forward to your class - I know it will be great!

    (As an aside, want to hear something really weird? I was actually listening to Bob Dylan when I decided to come check out your blog to see if there were any updates. And when I read... well..times...... they are a changing.. I had the music to go along!)

  2. oh my gosh..that is wierd isnt glad you dropped by to check the updates Samantha...

  3. Can't wait to take your class at TSF, glad you decided to start teaching again!

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you decided to go for it! I was blown away with your talent and who better to share it that you.. yourself!

    Congrats!! I think the ladies out your way are in for some amazing classes:)

    Happy Scrapping!

  5. See you on the 20th, I'm already signed up!


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