May 3, 2009

its been a family day...

after being away for the past five weekends, it sure was nice to be home today and spend some time with my hubby Glenn and the boys...we headed out to church first thing this morning, stopped at Christine & Eduards home to check out their renovated kitchen ( something we plan on doing sometime in the future) we then headed out for a small grill in New Hamburg....then over to Costco and looked at some Plasma televisions...Glenn and I have done our homework on t.v's..i was always under the belief to go LCD....but after talk with so many sales reps and professionals... we decided on a 42" Panasonic Plasma....i was happy to see that Glenn decided it was time we get one...and it looks fab in our living room, with that being said, i havent been down in my scrapping room at all today, (or last evening for that matter) i needed a day to be with my boys and my hubby...and they needed it too, so i will play catch up this week with some of the challenges...from NSD Week over at TSF.. blessings..~~~~~


  1. Congrats on your new TV Karan!
    You have a beautiful blog - I love the background and header. Did you design it yourself? And when the music piped in I was even more impressed - especially since I noticed a few of my favs on the list. I am going to have to figure out how to do that on mine :)

  2. hi samantha, yes i designed the blog nice to have you pop over and say can add a playlist to your blog too...its pretty easy ;)

  3. Congrats on the new 'boob' tube!! :)

    Gotta love spending some quality time with the special guys in your life:)

  4. it was way overdue bud...and yes i do love it....

  5. good for u..taking the time to stop and enjoy your family and the new blog look darlin...tres cool


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