Jul 29, 2009

★ coffee cups...

or shall i call them a mug? you know, im not a dainty tea cup drinker, i think dainty cups are for those who are not serious coffee drinkers...I have yet to see a serious coffee drinker, drink coffee from a tea cup...lol!!

i love my coffee, i like a nice strong cup of java in the morning, and to hold that strong cup of brewed java, i appreciate a strong mug....always have. The stronger the coffee, the better, and although hubby is older then I, he likes to attest that he makes a good cup of coffee ( please dont tell him i told you this)....but im thinking, the older hubby gets, the weaker his coffee....lol...

my coffee cup collection doesnt match, they are cups from past family trips, scrapbook events, gifts, places we have visited, and not one of them are a set..I do have a "good set" of dishes for special occasions, but i know if i bring just the coffee mugs out, one will get broken somehow and i will lose the complete set....so with that being said....i wanted to buy some new "mugs"

hubby was out with me when i made this request, of course, being a typical male, his response was....why do you need new coffee cups, we have so many of them already....such a man...

We happen to be at Canadian Tire of all places when this conversartion took place and to my surprise, they have some fabulous coffee mugs...which matched perfectly with my home decor.......you know, they are more then just tires...

I came across some individual mugs that matched the colours in my home perfectly...hubby laughs at me when i buy things to match my home decor, but deep down, he is a man of colour and I have found one of my newest coffee mugs on the counter every morning, since i bought them....so i know he has been enjoying his first cup of java in the morning too....so now, each time i reach for a mug, for a hot beverage, 99% of the time its coffee, i reach for one of these..if you have been in my home, all the colours, on these mugs are on my main floor of my home...its the perfect blend..


  1. love them Karan....to bad I don't share your love for coffee but I would have a hot chocolate in one....lol.

  2. oooooo, nice mugs!! I love those colours together

  3. I love the red...its the accent colour in my new house too


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