Jul 25, 2009

★ Papertrey Ink..

I have been a lurker on the blog for a while now over at Paper Trey Ink ....Regan was telling me that there is a group of them that get together and order to save on shipping, so i asked if they wanted another gal to join in and would it be ok, if i did...so...back on to the PTI site i go..

There was a few sets that caught my eye...( i ordered 4 sets) :) with a bunch of gals to save on shipping....they came in yesterday...Deanna sent me a note to let me know they were in and she would be dropping them off....

Last night was FNC at TSF, so i headed over ...organised my stamps and made a few cards with Joanne, Julie was there to join in the FNC too...here are the ones i did..

this line just stole my heart, i chair-ish your friendship, i think thats what sold this set to me...

because these stamps are acrylic, you can bend them to suit a circle, mind you it took me a couple attempts to get it right...this card below, i pulled out my water colour pencils, bleh, i think i need to invest in some copics....these colours are not as vibrant as i remember then to be...

this is from their buttons and bits set, the stamps are designed so that buttons fit in the circle spots provided...they are so cute...

and some detail shots..


there are many more ideas for these sets on their blog, so im hoping to get into these stamps again next week....arent they adorable...


  1. Love, Love, Love these stamps, I think I'm going to have to order a few sets myself!!

  2. I see Regan & Dea have successfully pulled you over to the dark side!! ;) Love your cards Karan! PTI is fabulous! Oh, and I totally think you should invest in some Copics - you would so rock them! :)

  3. Too cute! I just loved the cards you and Joanne were able to make. Thanks for a fun evening. Oh... and I finished that peanut sugar goo concoction when I got home. YUMMY!

  4. I don't think I have ever seen you do cards before.....very nice


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