Dec 10, 2009

his spirit is within me...

As I look out into the blistery day, and watch the snow falling, the wind picking it up and tossing it about, i think of times remembered,. I think of snowman building, toboggan racing and in my youth, although I grow up in an area of Ontario, that had much more snow then we knew what to do with, i do not ever remember having a snow day...then again, we were not in the rural area of our little city....but in a small "burb"called Steelton, which was close to one of the Primary industries in our little city, Steel. Gazing out the back door, into our yard, Im watching the snow piling up....I think of those...who remind me, they simply cannot seem to get into the spirit of Christmas without a blanket of snow on the ground. That truly saddens me when i hear someone say that, and I immediately begin to pray for them..... Jesus, my Saviour......born in a lowly stable, amongst straw, with lamb and oxen nearby....wrapped in swaddling clothes..and laid in a manger.... Jesus likely didnt know what snow was, or touched it. Jesus likely, didnt have the opportunity to have experienced how it felt to pack snow, into a ball and toss it at his disciples....or experience how it felt to have a snowflake fall against his skin, or be concerned with winter wear, with foot coverings, (boots) and hand coverings (mitts)or whether or not they were brand name. All Jesus had was basic clothing to protect his feet and body from the wet and cold. The spirit of Christmas, is the Sprit of Christ and it lives in each one of us, if we open our heart and let Christ in, you will never have to feel, that a blanket of white snow, is needed to have his spirit within you! He is always with you, waiting...All you really need to do, is let Christ in...... I pray each of you take time, to remember the true reason of the season and give thanks for all that you have. I know now much, especially this year, how much i truly have to be thankful for, ... I only pray, I can give enough thanks to My Saviour, that has made everything in my life possible, for our health, our prosperity, our home, our family, our loved ones, Many Blessings to you.... this Christmas.... Photobucket

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