Aug 13, 2010

one willow presets...

years ago when i first began srapping, i had a film camera, and it was(still is) a good camera...( Canon EOS Rebel) I love photography, taking all the pictures i can, never really paying attention to what was in the lens....i have thousands of photos to prove it... I now have a Canon DSLR and print alot of my own photos...I often will have some printed if im going away on a scrap weekend (walmart has been good to my photos and i get majority of mine done there) but i most often print my own as i love to use fiters and presets in photoshop..... while working recently with a baby line of papers... i went through my photos i have of my boys when they were younger and i was so disappointed....I have to say, that i wasnt happy with many of the photos i had in my collection...yes, i had many photos, but, not many photos, i would today, scrapbook... its amazing how scrapbooking has changed my ability as a photographer, ( i am far from a professional photographer, lol, but I have learned alot) i pay closer attention to my subject in the lens, I do far more close ups then i use to, and I watch what is in the background when im taking photos now...( all because of a hobby i love) ..i tell hubby, i know what i want to srapbook, so i capture that in the lens before i hit click... I did manage to come across some toddler photos of galen, that i scanned and used some one willow presets...i absolutely love these presets ( i bought them all a bit ago, and am finally getting the chance to play with them... I know i will be using these alot are some pictures i worked with while using one willow presets... before... these photos are scanned from a layout i had in my CM album...Galen is about 9 months old here after- this is using several presets, one being vintage...

another before..

i cant express enough how important it is, for you, to pay attention in the lens, to look for what you want to get close ups, and to preserve your memories by backing up all your photos to CD...

if you are like me, then you have many pictures, that will never hit the scrapbooks...and i feel like i have lost so many precious memories...but i am rebuilding my collection...and one day, i will take a photogrpahy course and gain further knowledge, as i dont even know half of what my camera is capable of...



  1. I`m totally agree with you Karan.The same happens to me.Today i take photos in a totally different way than years ago...but I know nothing about photoshop,I must learn!!

  2. photoshop isnt that hard to learn, if you are good on the computer, then its rather easy to pick up, and there are many online tutorials to help you through the process, :)

  3. Hey Karan, let me know when you find a photography course I would love to take it with you.


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