Jan 23, 2011

soul restoration

wondering where Ive been? what ive been up to? i have been taking a creative break and enrolled myself in Soul Restoration....with Melody Ross..( well i didnt think i would be creating this much).....the first week, I redid the first 7 pages three times, ( thats a big creative mess) i found myself getting frustrated and went back to the drawing board...and decided...it wasnt me...it was the Podge... i wasnt loving the mod podge look on the pages and in the end, my design didnt speak to me...this was not my work....i went back to the scrap table and got my mists and inks out and put the podge away...sorry Melody... but this is where my creativity began flowing, i put these pages together faster, then i did when i was using the podge....these speak to me, more, then the first two attempts did... this is more my style, I know i will reach for this album again and again, Thank you Melody! this is my cover....after kicking everyone out of my house...i closed my doors...and am now....on the mend....I had many moon people in my life...and even though I put them on the moon, long before I enrolled in this class....i had most of my work done..without knowing it...... but even though I am doing some indepth soul research, re evaluating my soul... as a woman, a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend, an artist...I am still here.... i redesigned a couple of the elements in our pdf downloads...so i can colour them any colour i wanted...
and even though i have made mistakes, all things have happened to me for a reason, I am meant to be where i am, and I am where i should be....It doesnt mean I dont deserve the things I want, all these experiences have made me stronger and its time i begin to use these strengths positively... this is all part of my Journey...
I am a good person, I deserve the things I want, I just need to let go of the toxic relationships in my life, and let go of the things holding me back...I NEED TO BE BRAVE...and take my first new steps... my truth teller spoke to me...and the truths...are what i needed...to let go...
I began working on Week Two...have another mini album inked misted and assembled...just to sit down and complete...

So i am still here, just doing some Soul Restoration!


  1. totally love the rustic vintage look!!! fab work!!

  2. What a fabulous project Karan, so pretty!


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