thinking out loud

Hi everyone... first, i have to apologise for not posting on my blog as i often do..there use to be daily posts...if not weekly and that has changed in the last few months as the 2010 year started to wind down.... I removed myself from the Sketchabilities Design Team to concentrate on the stores I have been working with and am finding out, those bi weekly reveals were more for me, then the workshops will be changes this year....I have come to realise i havent created for myself for a long time..(its been years since i last created for myself) and it is beginning to affect my designing.... Since 2007.......i have had deadlines to meet, bi weekly dt reveals, monthly projects, monthly blog posts and tutorials to prep, samples with new product, classes to design and although i have loved being part of that creative journey, and I have enjoyed the process....i found through it all, i wasnt really creating for me...i was creating for a class, for a reveal, for a sample, was my heart in it, well, in all honesty...i have to say NO...i was going through the motions....dont get me wrong, i love to scrapbook, i love the hobby and i love how creative i can be, but it wasnt for me... 2011 i want to change that...i want to create more for ME...and not for the sake of scheduling a class or workshop, not for the sake of working with the latest and greatest......i have been reflecting on how this has affected my style as a designer & class instructor and i will be bringing forth some changes this year... I can also honestly say ...i am tired of driving...tired of being on the road 2-3 days a week...especially at night. I have put far too many miles on our family vehicle..I have made some incredible friendships over the years, met some awesome people...shared many smiles, joys and laughter.....i want to be home more this year, be here for my family and with that, will be more changes....I have a few classes on the schedule this month and with that...there will be no classes scheduled until the Spring......i will still be instructing classes...but am taking a break until Spring.. On the Homefront... December brought with it alot of time with family. I love our family, we have four awesome boys...Joel (28) ( married to Gailyn) Devon (27) ( awesome girlfriend Meaghan)and Elijah (14) and Galen (11) who are growing up before my eyes.... We are so very blessed and we have found out that we are expecting the birth of our first Grandchild....Glenns oldest son Joel and his wife Gailyn are expecting in June and we are absolutely thrilled about it...and we are heading into another chapter in the lives of our family....and I cannot wait to jump in... so i was just thinking out loud and wanted to share a few thoughts with you...readers of my blog, those who come by to see whats new, maybe you're a follower, or you have taken classes with me, or youre a dear friend...i just felt i needed to update you....and on that note...until next time...I wish you and your loved ones...a very blessed New Year... and will keep you updated on upcoming workshops..