Feb 2, 2011

camera strap cover

Good Afternoon....we have a PA Day in South western Ontario, which is a good thing as we are in the midst of a snow storm...( boys have yet to have a snow day and i think chances were pretty good, that if today was not a PA Day,
it would have been their first snow day of the season.
so it makes for indoor activities today....
******************************** So my friend Terri has been talking about making a cover for her camera strap, so i googled ( yes i google once in a while, oops)
and found this link
http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2009/05/scrappy-camera-strap.html and followed the instructions, i did make mine a bit longer (i wanted to have a wrinkly look on my strap) but i do wish i would have made it 1/2 inch wider) ...
i have to admit, im not a good sewer...
and this easy project was right up my alley, squares and straight sewing....ha! here are my blocks cut and ready to sew (found in my fabric stash of good intentions)
and my end result...i like it, im off to make one out of some pinks i have sitting in my stash of good intentions too :)

have a great day!


  1. Ohhhh Karan thanks for the instructions...looks fairly easy even I could make this...

  2. Hi Laurie..

    long time no see, hope life is treating you well...yeah so easy, even someone like ME could follow them...haha...so i thought i would share the link....


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