Feb 17, 2011

on holidays

Hi there: I havent been posting...i know...family and I are in Florida for holidays and I have been trying to stay away from the computer! Normally for me, that would be rather difficult......but its been really easy this vacation....considering my boys have not complained once about not having their X Box here... ....im attaching a couple photos of the gorgeous spot where we are at for the first week of our vacation, hubby and I own a timeshare here at Orange Lake Resorts and we absolutely love it! Next week we move over to Westgate Vacation villas, where we also own another week.... We have some friends joining us this year, Don and Terri Eckhardt and their three boys are with us and we are all having a great time...we hit Disney for a day and have been doing alot of swimming. The coolest temp has been 73 degrees....its been awesome! Here are all the boys together along Lazy River...the first day we were here... i hear the temps are warming up back home...it would be nice to bring all this warm sunny weather back with us....crossing my fingers...

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  1. ooh-wee! now THAT's a pool i could get very used to, very quickly!


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