May 5, 2011

nesting robins...

you know its spring when the trees begin to bud and the robins are on your lawn searching for earth worms. With all the rain, im thinking our soil must be rich in earth worms as there have been many robins around this year, more then normal. Last year hubby and I built a pergola over our deck and hot tub area. We love our deck so much more now. This past winter we put lattice fencing up to protect the hot tub from the snow. ( we use it alot) So most of the lattice will be coming down this spring....and now..there is a family of robins liking our pergola area too... We have had a momma robin attempt to build her nest right above our hot tub. Im not happy with the fact that she chose a nesting spot in our pergola, number 1. Number 2, she chose a spot right above the hot tub..see that rung, right above the tub.. ...hubby took down the first attempt at the nest..momma robin moves from truss to truss....maybe we caught it just in time and she didnt get the chance to complete sits on our side bench. well momma robin is a persistent one...and she wasted no time and the next night, she must have had a whole crew in, as by morning, this nest was found the next truss down over our hotub. Hubby took it down and set it on the bench...thinking momma robin would figure out we didnt want her nesting over our tub...this nest was much stronger, and higher, well that didnt stop momma robin.. well, momma robin is pretty determined to nest in our pergola, and again, one truss down, yesterday morning, we found this nest.. she cant go any further, this is the last truss in our pergola.. we have decided to let her nest there...she obviously thinks its a good spot, and who are we to interrupt nature. Only sad part is, its above the to the rope lighting, which we think she has been sitting on as it is sagging in this area...and it didnt use to be...good thing is, its on a wide ledge, and when the babies decide to learn to fly, they have plenty of room to walk on the 2x4... i have read that robins only nest in peaceful, tranquil areas, and will not put their babes in old wives tale, says, this is good luck to have a bird nesting close to your home..well i hope that proves true and the babes dont fall...the cover is soft...maybe that will help brake their still makes me nervous... i will update you as momma Robin continues the growth of her family. I can hear her singing out there as i type this...i think she might finally be happy :)....we are too.

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