back from holidays and back to reality

well the family and i were in Florida for two weeks, gosh time flies when youre having fun.  The drive down was great, we made it there in 32 hours with one 8 hr stop and a few smaller stops.

Our first week we spent at Orange Lake Resorts, we love it here and have been time share owners since 2009.  One of the resort features is River Island- a mile long pool (lazy river) which runs through the center of River Island. and on any hot day you could likely find us here

We woke one morning to find three sandhill cranes right outside our condo deck.  Our deck backs onto the Legends Golf Course which has some great spaces for wild life.  The sandhill cranes didnt mind me taking photos either. But i think too many people were realising they were out there and they were soon scared off.  I feel pretty lucky to have captured some photos of them.

The weather was warm.  Not one day below 80 degrees, with most days seeing 84 and 85 so we spent alot of time at the pool for the first week.  We have done all the big parks so we felt no need to do them again, although, my brother and his family took Elijah along with them to Universal one day and he had a blast.

We also went to the John F Kennedy Space Center, we went there when the boys were younger but they didnt seem to remember much of it, so we decided to check it out again.  They were more impressed this time around. One of the things that really impressed us all was this building.

the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) which was originally built to house the Apollo/Saturn Rockets was later modified to assist with Discovery Rockets.   The size of this building will amaze you.

The VAB covers 3.25 hectares (8 acres). It is 160 meters (525 ft) tall, 218 meters (716 ft) long and 158 meters (518 ft) wide. It encloses 3,664,883 cubic meters (129,428,000 cubic feet) of space. Here are some comparisons for you
  • Height: VAB - 160meters (525 ft) <--> Statue of Liberty - 93 meters (305 ft)
  • Volume: VAB - 3,665,013 cu meters (129,428,000 cub ft) <--> Pentagon 2,181,117 cu meters (77,025,000 cu ft).
  • VAB equals 3.75 Empire State Buildings
the US flag that is painted on the VAB is also the largest American Flag in the world.  Flag & Bicentennial Emblem: Added in 1976, required 6,000 gallons of paint. The flag is 64 x 33.5 meters (209 x 110 ft) in size. Each strip on the flag is as big as the tour buses used to transport visitors around KSC

pretty impressive huh..

The second week we were there my brother and his family were down, we spent some quality time together and my boys really enjoyed spending time with their most favorite cousin. We did manage to head over to Apopka Springs for the day on Saturday.  What an incredible state park. This park is home to natural springs which runs crystal clear water.  Considering how murky most water beds are in Florida, i was impressed to see how clear this water was.

this photo was taken when my brother, his wife, hubby and i headed out on the one mile trail.  They had longer trails, but it was pretty hot out and we didnt think we could handle an 8 mile trek.

Glenn of course was in his glory.  Here he is testing out the water. 

hubbys face says it all.  We have always enjoyed taking our boys to Florida and we are not sure how many more years we will be able to do that with Elijah now in Grade 10. One of the best things about being a time share owner, we can trade it anywhere in the world.

 So maybe its time we do some travelling, outside North America. We feel so blessed to be able to go here every year for the past 19 years.  And we know the boys have enjoyed it too.  ;D

Now its time for me to continue prepping for Scrapfest and get some DT Projects completed!

Blessings to you!