★ a new kind of chain mail

so i happen to be commenting on the designers who submitted links to my Cardabilities blog and came across this blog here : Kissinia  and while browsing her beautiful tags, i came across a chain mail game on her blog and thought, hey this is pretty original and i think im going to take part

what is it you wonder?

What’s the idea?

To make the postman smile, of course. And also, to add a little touch of art to ordinary envelopes. Now to how it works:

1. You email me your postal address together with your nickname and blog address (if any).

2. I send you my very own decorated envelope with 3 empty ones in it for you to decorate. One envelope to be sent back to me, two others you send wherever you wish.

3. Please, don’t forget to decorate your envelopes! You can stop at this stage. 

4. Or else, you can also put clean envelopes into your mail. In this case our project will spread even further.

5. I will accept your postal addresses until the end of August.

6. I will start sending mail immediately.

7. I propose the end of this game will be September 2012.

* This is absolutely non-commercial project. No expensive items to be sent, please

** I will be more than happy and truly appreciate if you will find some time to write me a little note

*** You can start exchange straight away by asking my postal address. In this case we will speed up the process

**** By using my banner and link we might attract more participants

What can you do with envelopes? Anything you want to! Doodling, painting, drawing, collage, stamping – there’s no limits!!!

So, let the game begin!

All welcome!