sharing some knits with you

its that time of year, when i spend more time indoors knitting.  I have made several scarves over the years, scarves that i have gifted away to loved ones, to my small care group and church family.  This year, i have found an addiction with the Sashay yarn, and Starbella yarns.  So needless to say, my hands (fingers) are being kept busy.

I have finished four Sashay scarves, started one starbella ( and tore it apart as the ball was cut in half, and i didnt know it until i got half way,) being a beginner knitter i didnt know how to fix that, i didnt want a huge knot to be in the middle of a i have found a fix, so i will know for future, here is a starbella scarf

the starbella resembles the sashay in many ways, cept, the holes in the knit are larger, but the end result is this curly wavy scarf that is soft and frilly.
yesterday a friend and i headed to mary maxim and i picked up a fabric that you can knit with and it feels like silk, i started this one this morning and im half way done..Frill Seeker Fabric Fantasy---is the product there are many different patterns available in the silky fabric, and the one i chose is called covent garden-blue roses with a rope(chain) interlocking throughout. This one has a scallop bottom, which i think will help with any fraying.

here is what the scarf looks like, im half done..

the fabric that is left yet to knit..its pertty expensive, 19.99 a roll...

I also saw this new idea at mary Maxim-katia-Ronda, to make a snood scarf, somewhat pricey too, 13.99 a ball, but i love the ruffles it makes...happy it only takes one ball to make one scarf...actually all the scarves i have knitted, only take one ball. :D

this is what the yarn looks like, its almost like a ribbon material, very fine and soft too.

Knitting is one thing i can do while sitting watching tv, or lucky to be in the pasenger seat of a vehicle on a drive i can knit too...its just something else i like to do this time of year...

Happy Knitting!!