Nov 4, 2014

★ Bucket of Sunflowers-Sunflower Tutorial

Welcome back to Heartfelt Creations Wednesday.   and I have a card and a tutorial to share with you today using the Classic Sunflower release from September

The sunflowers on this card turned out so realistic and it helps that the stamps are so incredible.  Such detail in the shading making it easier to colour them and have them turn out the way they do.

The Distress Markers are great to work with and i love them for colouring all my images now.

I have been wanting to share a tutorial with you on how i create my stunning sunflowers from the Classic Sunflower Die and Sunflower Background so i am going to share that with you today:


Here is what you will need: Archival Ink- Tuxedo Black; Distress Markers (Wild Honey, Rusty Hinge, Gathered Twigs; Paper towel, Water Brush, Canson water colour paper ( i have tried a couple others, and so far this is the best for this technique due to the amount of water that will sit on top of the paper)

1. Begin by covering the background sunflower image with Archival Ink and stamp onto water colour paper. I find it easier to colour the sunflowers before i cut them out, much easier this way.

2. Gather your Distress Markers and other tools: Wild Honey; Rusty Hinge; Gathered Twigs; Water Brush and Paper Towel - we will use the paper towel to dab off excess water and colour in between

 3. start by placing wild honey on the outside of the petals of sunflower-do not work with more then two petals at a time when you are just playing with this technique - when the ink starts to dry, it is harder to move  so you want to do this while the distress marker ink is still wet so i suggest you only work with one petal at a time until you have mastered this technique.

 4. take your water brush tip and drag (pull the colour by placing the tip of your water brush on the colour and pulling it into the center of the petal) you will find how wet your water brush needs to be.  Do not worry about going outside the lines ( we will be cutting these out when we are finished) if you need to drag the brush into the center of the image that is ok, we will be going over this with a darker colour later on

 5. continue with the rest of the sunflower. ( you can see where i have pulled some colour into the center of the sunflower just to get it off the brush be sure to dab off often

 6. Then do all the sunflowers from the background stamp. (you can see where i have pulled the colour into the center of the sunflowers)

7. by the time we go back to the first sunflower, it will have dried a bit, if it is still a bit damp, you can heat set it if you prefer -(although, this step is not really necessary after you have done this a couple times..i find it blends nicer with it is a bit damp). Taking the rusty hinge distress marker-color at the base of the petals as shown on the left petal ( you can add less or more of the Rusty hinge it is up to you) and drag the colour up into the center of the petal  as shown in the right petal, be sure to blend the colour by dabbing off excess colour onto the paper towel

8. Do this for all the sunflowers on the background , be sure to dab off excess colour and flush the brush if needed  ( meaning push on the brush so water completely flushes all the colour off to clean it) then dab off excess water

 8. lets introduce some gathered twigs into the sunflower now.  I like to dab the marker colour onto the center of the sunflower and leave a spot to blend the colour into, taking the water brush and blending the colour over this area

9. like so, take the gathered twigs marker and blend some of the colour around the base of each petal

10. Pull - or drag that colour up with the water brush into the bottom of each petal just a bit, they are beginning to look pretty realistic dont you think? dont forget to dab off your colour on the paper towel, we still want to be able to see that rusty hinge.

11. once the image is dry ( yes you can heat set it too) we will place the Classic Sunflower Die on top, and run it through your machine.

12.  you might see some white areas where you did not colour, thats ok, now that it is cut and dry, we can go over those areas with the wild honey marker 

13. mold the flowers, by turning them upside down- using the Paper Blossoms Molding Mat and Stylus (6mm)

14. turn them over and mold the center

15. Using Art Institute Dries clear, apply this glue to the center of the newly molded sunflower

16. Add some mini beads ( mine are from the dollar store, stored in a container from the dollar store :D )

17. be sure to cover all areas so you cannot see any white adhesive. and allow to dry thoroughly before adhering to your card or layout.

I like to go back into the sunflower and add more gathered twigs colour, if i think they need some depth  and it really makes the sunflower pop, and my final step, when it is dry and adhered to the card, is to mist it with Radiant Rain solar Gold to add shimmer to the final flowers. You can also go around the edges of them with walnut stain distress ink to add some depth.

 I hope you have enjoyed my first photo tutorial, if you have any questions, ask them in the comment section and I will be sure to answer or get back to you as as soon as I can :D

Classic Sunflower Paper Collection.
HCDP1 247 Classic Sunflower Papers
HCD 753- Classic Sunflower Die
HCPC 3626- Class Sunflower Background
HCPC 3628- Sunflower Bouquet Precut Set
1259723 Art Institute (Dries Clear)
159223 Paper Blossom Molding Mat
459222 Paper Blossom Tool Kit
4252255 Spellbinders Grand Calibur

Other Materials: Bazzill Cardstock; mini beads Ranger Distress Markers; Canson water colour paper, water brush, Archival Ink-Tuxedo Black; May Arts Ribbon, Walnut Stain Distress Ink. Radiant Rain Solar Gold. Maya Road Trinket Pins. Clear button, natural twine. Mini mister of water, kraft mat

Instructions: begin with a 6x6 card base. on white cardstock. cut a 6x6 card panel down to 5.5 x 5.5. Cut a square red cardstock down to 4x4. and mat all using foam adhesive. Tie ribbon around layer and tie in bow. then adhere to card base. Stamp Classic Sunflower background on water colour paper with black archival ink; colour with distress markers. Cut & Mold, add mini beads to centers. Stamp HCPC 3628 on water colour paper with black archival ink; colour with Ranger Distress Markers and Blending with water Brush. ink edges lightly with Walnut Stain Distress Ink. Using a mini mister, mist some water on a kraft mat, using the water brush, rub the brush across the walnut stain ink pad, and using your fingers apply some speckles to the sunflower bouquet background. Attach sunflowers as shown. Tie natural twine to button, attach to bow with Art Institute dries clear and let dry. Then tuck in pins in behind in the knot. Mist the entire card lightly with Radiant Rain.

Happy Scrapping!
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