Apr 2, 2015

Stamp Giveaway Coming.

Hello friends and followers.  Would any of you like to win some stamps. Yes unfortunately, all of these have been discontinued and are no longer available and i could use the space in my scrap room.

Since 2011 i have began a collection of stamps manufactured by Heartfelt Creations.  This is how i first begun my love for a company I now design for, by purchasing their product and creating some cards and layouts.  

Now, these 29 stamp sets you see above, like i said are discontinued.  As a designer, i cannot use discontinued stamps, as those who see my work and try to find them to purchase on their own, will not find them.  Also, for those who  attend my workshops cannot purchase them and i need to be mindful of that. 

Most of these stamps, i have purchased on my own apart from being on the team. Also,  80% of these stamps have only been used once.  I take very good care of my stamps and these ones above ( cept those in the HFC packaging)  are packaged in the Avery Elle clear storage bags. That is how i use to store my stamps, but now that HFC has come out with their own packaging, they have solved many storage problems for me, (so awesome) 

I take very good care of my stamps.  Although some may look like they have been used, none are stained or marked and still very useful.  I would rather give them away to a lovely home to a cardmaker, or scrapper who can use them, then to throw them out.

So beginning on Easter Monday, and every Monday for the month of April, i will be giving away 5 complete sets of stamps.  I will show images of the front and back, and i will ship internationally.  

Details on how you can win these will be easy.

1. for one entry - comment on the post and tell me how you would use the stamps
2. for a second entry: follow my blog ( if you are already a follower, awesome, you will get a second entry)

Rafflecopter will be keeping track of all the entries i receive to keep things fair.

that is it!

See you all on Monday and have a Wonderful Easter!
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