Jan 19, 2016

#SHOTBOX---My Review

Hello Friends, today is not a crafty project post, but instead i wanted to give you my opinion of a very cool light box that first appeared on Kickstarter months ago.  Its called the SHOTBOX

When i first did some research on this i thought, hmm maybe this is the answer to all my photography problems, so i funded the project and waited with anticipation to get my email that it had finally shipped.

You might be wondering what the SHOTBOX is all about? One of my biggest challenges all the time as a class instructor and  Design Team Member  is getting good photos of cards and layouts. Residing in south western Ontario does not always allow me to take good crisp photos of my projects, especially during the winter months ( which can really be four - five months of the year)

When a friend told me about this kickstarter funding program for a new light box set up specifically made for crafters, I had to check it out! 

The photo above shows the SIDESHOT you can purchase as an additional item, i wish i would have ordered it originally with my backer package, it would allow me to take photos without having to worry about the camera shaking from the front!


 The SHOTBOX is a Collapsible Tabletop Photo Light Studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment to get great images with any camera, including smart devices. Now i rarely use my cell phone for project photos, but i know many who do.  
The Shotbox also comes easy to assemble - No Fuss Setup.; - 24" of high powered COB LED contained within.; - Toggle switch for Left, Center, and Right key lighting.;  Dimmer knob.; - Extra USB port to charge smart devices while using the box.; - Built-in easy carry handle.- Carry All Tote Bag - lightweight mesh material with pockets to carry accessories and power cords. It measures  (16" Tall / 15"x14" Inside Floor)
you can watch how this all came about and all the prototypes they went through to bring this to market: This video was shot in Oct 2014, so you have an idea how long it took them to bring it to production. 

Here are some photos i took of previously uploaded projects, and then i re photographed them in SHOTBOX to show you the difference.  I also photographed a few of my upcoming projects and I have to say, there is a HUGE difference, the colours look so much more vibrant and true to colour, then in my previous photos.

this card, previously photographed at home on my make shift light studio

the one below, photographed in my new SHOTBOX, i trust you can tell the difference.  The green in the leaves are more true to colour, the navy blue, looks crisp, the chevron background in the photo below looks more vibrant.
Moving forward all my projects will now be photographed in The #SHOTBOX  If you have an Etsy Store, or Ebay, and you happen to photograph all your hand made items, this is a tool you will want to have!  I hope you check it out and you can find it all here:


  1. really cool, I saw this but didn't fund...wonder how much they are now??? looks like a great investment!


    1. you can check out their website i think they are 129.99 ( comes with a mesh carry bag too) pretty affordable, i have been using it everyday since i got it and love how convenient it is, i used to have to set up something outside, but now i just go to my SHOTBOX and photograph and im done :D

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I will be putting this on my list of must haves!!

    1. Nicole, i have to say i was somewhat skeptical, but the LED lighting that is built in, makes it so easy to photography your projects.

  3. Karan, thanks so much for all the research you have done on this, this is by far the BEST photo box I have ever seen and so compact. I t will go on my shopping list, not today but hopefully in the future. This is so impressive and the pictures are so, so different.



    1. Gretchen, if you need a good spot to photograph your projects, this is it! I love mine and so glad i got it.

  4. Oh Karan! This truley sounds like the answer to so many frustrating episodes of trying to get a good photo that represents what you've spent so much time creating! I'm very excited to hear about this Shotbox! I've purchased several different photo tents in the past and they just don't work for a crafter!! Thanks so much for sharing this info!!

    1. Anne, i use to have to go outside, set up a quilted blanket for my backdrop, on my patio table ( seems to be where i get the best light) and often times would end up photographing my project several times due to shadows, etc. In the winter, it made it more difficult. Now that i have this, it is set up all the time in my scraproom, i just need to turn on the LED light, put my project in, photograph and I am done, i have neer had to photograph a project more than once, so its also a big time saver for me too.

  5. Karen,
    We love ours as well. We have found it to be a solution for photographers who need a small portable studio! Really nice review.


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