Aug 12, 2017

Fold Out Card Tutorial: Heartfelt Creations

Creating Pocket Cards with the Fold out Cards
Hello friends, thank you for joining me today.  If you are like me, then you have a  decent crafty stash, and if you are also like me, you enjoy finding new ways of using those fold out cards you have sitting there waiting to be used.  

I have a wonderful new way for you to use these.

I am working with the HCCF1-443-1 5x7 Fold Out cards in black.  

What i did first was to fold the cards on the score line and fold the card as you normally would with the two smaller panels on the outside. Now, turn and put those two smaller panels on the inside of the card to create pockets on the inside of the card.  

This now gives you a full area on the front of the card to add more details and embellishments. You can keep these two smaller panels attached, but i found the card did not close tightly so i just trimmed both panels off and adhered them on the inside and used the border basics dies to cut my papers to size. 

Here is what the inside of the cards now look like.

And then cut the borders out of black card stock and attach them to the front and inside as shown, then adhere your pockets on the inside.   Be sure to check first if any trimming on the edges need to be done to have a clean and crisp fit. 

Here is what the front of the cards now look like, with the smaller pockets folded on the inside in above photo.

Next, cut and stamp out your sunflowers; your classic rose leaves; your botanic windows.  Then color them as you wish.  I am using distress inks.

Mold and shape your leaves and flowers using the Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit; detail with crystal clear and frosting powders.  Add ribbon; trinket pins and gold thread to add some details and voila, you now have a fun new way to use these fold out cards.

Cut out some tags and card panels and use them on the inside and place these in the pockets we just created!

Here is a quick video i put together for you to check out!


Happy Scrapping!

Materials Used:
1259723 Art Institute (Dries Clear)
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