Tattered Angels-Chalkboard Glimmer Mist

Well, we all know just how much you all LOVED Marshmallow… ..... so Tattered Angels have decided to KEEP Marshmallow and have created 11 new friends to play with! That’s right! not only will we be keeping our beloved marshmallow BUT we will be creating a permanent collection and adding 11 more colors

Marshmellow Glimmer MIST is an opaque glimmer mist that was white and had a beautiful Glimmer. Because of its popularity, Tattered Angels has decided to continue in the fun and add 11 more colours to create a 12 colour collection.

This art medium will give you the same beautiful glimmer as Glimmer Mist, yet the base will give you a semi-opaque finish that blends just like chalk. This is just like using art pastels or chalks. It will blend nicley with other chalkboard colours or even with the original Glimmer Mist to create a variety of transparencies and add depth to your projects.