The love of a Pet

I dont know how many of you are pet owners out there, but we in the Gerber Household, we have three pets.  Two cats, One named Kitty, the other, Memo, and a 5 yr old female, Chow/Blue Heeler cross dog, named Sammie.

sammie 3 months old in above photo, taken at my brother
and sister in laws cottage, summer 2006
Working with german Shepards most of my adult life, i never thought i would want any other animal in my home, other then a Shephard, but when the time came and the boys began asking for a dog, hubby found an ad in the local supermarket for a litter of pups not to far from our home, born on dairy farm.

Sammie was adopted by our family in May of 2006.  She was one of the only pups in that litter on the farm in St Pauls, that came to the boys when they called for them.  We fell in love with her Green eyes ( which soon changed to brown 8 weeks later) and her furry body.  She looked like a big ball of fur. 

We soon brought her home with us. and our youngest came up with the name Sammie and it seemed to suit her so well.
Galen and Sammie-Summer 2008-on our Deck

Sammie went with us, where ever we went ( cept to Florida) where we were thankful we only had to board her in a kennel once since she was part of our family, friends and family tended to her needs while we vacationed in Florida over the four years she was with us.

Elijah and Sammie-Summer 2009

From camping, to biking, to hiking, to swimming, to visiting family in Kingston, and London, she was right by our side. From short walks to long walks, walks to the park, and just up the street, from sitting by my side while i scrapbooked, to being hubbys first greeter each and every morning. Sammy was always there!
Glenn, Galen and Sammie, fall-2009

a year after having Sammie in our home, i had developed serious allergies to her, and out of my love for her, and the love for my children, we decided we couldnt part with her. We had purchased an Oreck Air Purifier which seemed to lessen the symptoms of my allergies, although for the past 3 years, i continued to have a cough, Sammie brought much joy, love and laughter to our hearts.
Sammie-Brothers Cottage-Summer 2009

Having to say farewell to a beloved pet, is never easy, especially when Sammie Girl was such a large part of our family, she was a protector, a friend, a cat chaser, a rabbit defender, a Gerber household greeter to everyone who entered our home, and soon many friends fell in love with her too.

Sammie was with us for five years, which looking back now, isnt nearly long enough considering one of our cats has been with us for over 10 years.  We had never thought that Sammie Girl would be going to Dog heaven anytime soon, but God had other plans for our beloved family pet.

Something was terribly wrong with Sammie yesterday, and we had thought that she got into something, maybe ate something that didnt agree with her, as a pet owner, you parent your pets, the way, you care for your family members when they are sick, you assume it will pass, and tend to their care the best you can. Looking at her symptoms, i had thought she had stomach torsion problems ( like in the movie Marly & Me) and googled it---thats when i realised the severity of the situation.

i could tell she was in pain, and decided at 10:45p.m., I could no longer see her in this condition and put in an emergency call to a local vet clinic. About 15 mins later, a call was placed back to our home, and at 11:30 pm last night. Sammie  and I went to a local clinic.

She was such a trooper, i think she knew in her heart, i was trying to help her by bringing her to a clinic where there were all kinds of other cat, and dog smells she could pick up.  The vet did a check on her, she was severely dehyrated ( not surprised as she couldnt keep water down) and her heart rate was over 200 beats a minute and the vet said she is very ill.

After giving Sammie some pain medication, we were able to have some Xrays done. The Xrays showed that her stomach had ruptered and she was toxic, there was nothing that could be done.  The vet said that surgery likley could not save her, and that Sammie would likely not make it through the night, that, she was suffering and in terrible pain. The humane thing to do was to put her to sleep.  Putting your family pet down, to prevent further suffering, is never an easy decision! We do not know what caused her stomach to rupture, that will forever be a mystery to us.

Never in my life, had i thought that putting a pet down, would be so difficult, and yet, i couldnt bear to see our beloved pet suffer.  I was so happy that Sammie chose us to be her family while she was here with us, and so privledged i can say we were the proud owner of such an awesome dog!

So our first family dog, Sammie Gerber, will forever be in our hearts, and her spirit, will always be with us.  I hope you are chasing all the rabbits you want, where ever you may be, Sammie Girl!

Love you Sammie Girl!