★ changes ahead--

Good afternoon girlfriends, i wanted to let you in on some changes that are coming my way this year.  Changes are always good, often times for the better and i am really excited where 2013 is taking me. I had set out some goals for myself this year and I have prayed heavily about where I am to be, where does God want me to be. And i am so blessed at what has come forth for me and my design work.

I have been invited to join another Design Team! An awesome Manufacture whose products i love to work with and I am thrilled that I have been given this opportunity to work with their team. Announcement will be coming soon!
With that, comes changes for me--and maybe for those who have been huge fans of my kits, my workshops and been followers of my designs from the beginning.

First change-- i will be scaling back my kit designs and offering one kit a month ( or every other month).   This of course all  depends on my time available. I know i have followers who are thrilled that they will still be able to get their hands on these kits as they are launched.

 ***I do have a private Facebook group set up for all my regular customers to keep them all updated.  You have the chance first hand, to see sneak peeks of upcoming kits, i will be posting all my workshops in this group too.  If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you have purchased kits form me, or attended workshops of mine, and wish to be added to the group to see whats happening, send me a private message and let me know you want to be added to the group.***

Second change-i will be stepping back from teaching in scrapbook stores for the remainder of the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know so many of you through this awesome hobby,  I wish to thank everyone who came out and supported me. One other reason, is my vehicle, never mind how many miles i have put on my vehicle in the last year alone, gosh we just had to replace tires on our van, and the tires are not even 2 years old, ( we have two sets of tires, one for winter, one for all season.  We went to remove our winter tires and put our all season tires on the van before we headed to Florida, when we went to do that, we found out that the four all seasons, needed to be replaced. That is just an added reason, wear and tear on my vehicle and fuel increases.

Third Change--i will be offering workshops in my home.  I have a great size studio that will allow me to host workshops up to 10 people. These kits will be designed with products from the Manufactures i represent along with products from some of my other favorites too. I know many have been in my home, seen my studio andmight have already taken workshops here and you have enjoyed it, and i look forward to seeing you all here again soon.

So there you have it, updates on where this awesome scrapbook hobby is taking me. I am thrilled that i can continue to inspire you with my creativity and I look forward to seeing you all again soon! And i have to say, God does answer prayers, not always in your time, but in his <3

Until we meet again ~~Happy Scrapping!