Mar 7, 2014

★ Glass Bead Storage Idea

so if you are like me, you like your craft room as tidy as you are able to keep it, ( and some days, its not so tidy, lol) like to be able to go to a spot you know where your favorite tools and items are, grab it and take it to your table.  I am like that, i don't always put things back where they had originally intended to be in my scrap room, but i do prefer to stay organised and for the most part, i pretty much know where most things are in my scrap room *snicker*

last week i bought a bunch of glass beads ( almost like micro beads) to add to my projects, got them from the dollar store.  and they only came in these mini bags stapled to the packaging, well, that was not going to work so i waited to use them until i found some storage idea.

glass beads karan gerber.

today i was out at another dollar store and found a solution.  these are salt and paper shakers, one side with a pour spout, the other side with a shaker. ( perfect right?)

salt shaker storage for glass beads karan gerber

after getting all my colours opened and organised here is what my new storage idea looks like ( i just do not like to peel off the bar code sticker it just leaves a gummy residue and i don't like that

glass bead shaker idea by karan gerber

these bottles are approximately 1.5 wide by approx 3" inches high x 1.25 inches deep perfect mini storage for beads like this and they wont take up much room in my scrap cupboards.

view from the topview from top of salt shaker glass bead storage idea by karan gerber

i thought this idea was so perfect i had to share it :D

Happy Scrapping.

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