Mar 29, 2017

:::Frosting Powder and Crystal Clear Giveaway:::CLOSED--

Hello Friends; how are you today! As some of you may know, my dear friend Rajni Chawla has developed two fabulous powders for use on your crafting projects.

These have been manufactured by Papericious of India I am happy to have a few of these on hand. 

I have had the privilege to use these powders first hand the past couple of months and had them in use in my first class of the year last weekend.  For the next week, I have a giveaway happening!

They are two very different powders;

The Crystal Clear; can be applied with just a dries clear adhesive and left to dry naturally. This keeps the true color even with the Crystal Clear Applied. It adds amazing shine, glitter and a hint of texture too.

The Frosting Powder: requires heating to bring out the full effect of the powder.  The longer the Frosting Powder is heated, the more white it will turn. You can also apply this with day dries clear adhesive.  Crackle does give the Frosting Powder added detail and texture and really adds stiffness to your project.

What do you need to do:

  1 . Become a follower on my blog:  Im sorry but this is For New Followers Only: You can follow by clicking  FOLLOW on my sidebar ------------------->

2. Comment below  your name and a friends name who you craft with most; and i will send you two bottles of each, one for you and one for your friend.

3.  Let me know what you would do with these powders if you were to win

4. Be sure to leave your real name in the comment if your Google ID is different than what is listed.

This will last until next Thursday at midnight EST.  ( April 6th at midnight EST) Open to international crafters. I will be posting the winners on facebook too. :D

Good Luck!

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