May 29, 2017

Celebrating You - MIni Album

Hello Friends, and welcome to my blog today.  Today is a personal post; For my brother in law who turned 60 this past weekend!

 Family, we have many reasons to get together, to fellowship and to share love, laughter and stories. This past weekend, my husband and I attended a 60th Birthday celebration for a family member.  One of my hubby's younger brothers had turned 60 and it was a time for celebration.

With that in mind, what do you get for someone, who is turning 60? His nick name is Farmer Mark; he is called that, as he and his family own a Black Angus Farm in Ayr, Ontario. (Oakridge Acres)    5 years ago, they introduced Bison into their farm. And they are very busy with the onsite retail store on their property.  A year ago, my sister in law shared some photos with me that they had done professionally for me to scrapbook.  And i have to say, i finally got the chance to do that in this mini album.

Now, i kept this mini album rather simple, i didnt add flowers; nor did i add any flip folds ( i know crazy right) , i wanted the album to be simple, yet elegant and i also wanted to showcase these photos of my brother in law.  I took photos of the album, before i handed it over this past weekend. I thought that this collection would be perfect for these photos, as i know that Mark works very hard on his farm; that they do not take holidays very often; and that to many, he truly is a "Everyday Hero"

I wanted to share some photos with you, but first, i wanted to say, that putting this together took about 4 -5 hours, from start to finish; i used the Everyday Heros collection from Heartfelt Creations and this collection is still available on their website i will link in the bottom; Here are some photos

inside cover and front page.  Farmer Mark in front of his Bison Herd

I left a few pages at the back for them to add a few photos of their own with plenty of journal mats to go with it. 

last page and inside back cover.

album at a glance.

cover detail

Everyday Heros Collection; Flip Fold album in black; vintage photo distress ink; 

Happy Scrapping!

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