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Mar 1, 2019

HI Friends and welcome to my Blog today. I am blogging to you for 2Crafty Chipboard today,

I wanted to do a Valentines themed project and i thought it would be perfect for one of my projects for March. It is all about "Heart"

Our Heart, we trust easy; we give freely; sometimes just out of the goodness of our "Heart" do we do these things, sometimes, we do them to help one another, other times, we feel obligated. In the end, its our "Heart" that we often wear on our sleeve;

Only do what your "Heart" Tells you;  A gentle heart is tied with easy Thread; so many sayings in regards to the Heart. So today i have a project to share with you, that is close to my "Heart" I am calling it "Cherish" Your Heart'

I started with a 6x6 embroidery hoop, cut piece of unprimed canvas; set it in the frame; and off i went.  2 Crafty has some fabulous titles, and i love this Cherish one, so finely cut and beautifully detailed , i felt it was perfect for my project today. I loved the Chained Heart too and wanted to incorporate it, so this started as the base of my project. 

after priming the canvas; and placing the heart i wanted to add some intricate detail so the Element set fit perfect for this, after adding two coats of Seth Apters Baked Texture Embossing powder, i adhered it all down.

i love the detail of the Element Set, perfect for what i wanted to use them for. I placed one of the top of the heart, and one at the bottom tip of the heart.  

I added in some metal gears from Ken Oliver, the Heart on top is from Prima and the resin heart is from Icraft. I really wanted to add some resin flourishes coming out of the heart, so i added in two small ones. I also added the large resin heart and wanted it to to be red but the only color i had dark enough was the re inker from Ranger - Aged Mahogany and it was the perfect color, i painted the resin heart with the re inker, heat setting in between coats to make it darker.

I splatted some red ink on the chipboard pieces. I know we all have scars; have likely suffered broken hearts, and cried a thousand tears, the red coming out of the top and bottom of the heat, signifies this,  the splatters of color on the resin heart represent our hurts, our sorrows, our losses.  But the bright red heart keeps going, keeps living even with the scars; we are beautiful, we are strong! we are Courageous!

The gears, constantly changing and moving to keep the heart going, the Chained heart, keeps us linked together; heart to heart. 

So Cherish your Heart!

I hope you have enjoyed todays project! Here are the pieces i used today!

Happy Scrapping!

2 Crafty Chipboard:
Element Set; Chained Heart; Fine Word Set 1

Other Materials
6x6 Embroisdery Hoop; Unprimed Canvas; Seth Apter Baked Texture Embossing Powder; Prima Art Stones; heavy gesso; Hardware Findings; Resin Flourishes; Gold Wax; Gel Medium; Ken Oliver Metal Gears;  Aged Mahogany Reinker; Gold Glimmer Mist; 

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