Amazing Paper Grace February Die of the Month Blog Hop

Feb 12, 2020

The February Die of the Month is an interactive card, but don't be fooled, the pieces and parts assemble to make lovely normal cards and ensembles.  We all love interactive cards too though and this one is addicting to open.  Becca designed a slightly elegant version of a shutter card that you can dress it up and dress it down to your heart's desire.  Say hello to The Elegant Reveal Shutter Card.

Today we're hopping to give you additional ideas on how to use the dies that come in the set.  There are several gorgeous inlay dies and a nested set of dies that create apertures or create frames.  Just imagine making a box or a basket.  We've even talked about creating a candle or a votive holder!  The dies are perfect for the cover of any card but think about using the reveal sliders on top of a box.  Here's to hoping you find some time to grab the dies and manage to sit down and play.

Here are the dies included in the set:

My Project Today:

I wanted to create a basket with this die. And only used this  die on both projects today.
With Valentines coming up and Easter not to far around the corner, what better way to give hand made then with a candy basket.
Wouldn't this basket look awesome filled with Chocolate Hearts or Easter Eggs?
The bottom is reinforced with chipboard and i added little pebble feet onto it too.

I also created a card using this set:

I have magnets on the closure.  To me,  shutter cards do not close as well unless you have ribbon tied around them, so between the two layers of the die on the cover i have magnets placed to keep it secure when closed and with it partly open you can see how the inside shutter opens, its a brilliant Design, thank you Becca!

My Sentiment Exactly;
"Get out of your comfort zone there are no rules to creativity"

Supply List:
Stamps: Uniquely Creative: Creative Quotes:
Paper: Prima Marketing Apricot Honey;
Bazzill smooth cardstock
Ink: Ranger Archival Black and Wendy Vecchi Tea Rose
Accessories: HC Stamens and May Arts Seam Binding
colored with Tea Rose Archival Ink

 If you want to find out more about the Club - prices, how you sign up and what's included, please look --------> HERE.
If you missed the introduction and want to know more about what inspired the Die of the Month Club, look ------->HERE.
More inspiration is just a click away.  Stop by with each Creative Team Member to see how they manipulated this die to come up with a unique project for you to try!

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We can’t wait to see what you make with these exclusive dies – be sure to post your creation on the Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month page -------> HERE or on Instagram using the hashtag #AmazingPaperGraceClubKit

Thank you for dropping by 
Hope you have enjoyed my projects today!



  1. Beautiful basket and card! Love the card front with the shabby papers and the sweet flower cluster! Love the interactive die! tfs Hugs, Christine

  2. WONDERFULLY DONE, Karan!!! LOVE the little basket! AND YES, I can see either chocolate hearts or Easter eggs! LOL LOVE that you reinforced the bottom with chipboard too & little pebble feet! Your card is LOVELY AS WELL! LOVE the interactive part of this card! A SUPER JOB!!!!!!! ;)<3

  3. Pretty, pretty, Karan! So happy to see you on the team! Congratulations!

  4. Lovely basket and shutter card.

  5. I just loved admiring that sweet and wonderful basket, and your beautiful card, Karan. Those dies are perfect!

  6. Gorgeous basket and love that card Karan. I still can't believe all the ways you can use this die. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Gloria

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  8. Love the card but really love the basket!


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