Journey Dream Catcher - Dusty Attic

Feb 10, 2020

HI Friends, welcome to my blog today for some inspiration. I have designed a Dream Catcher for Dusty Attic today and used lots of chipboard and some of my favorite Rust Pastes

This sits on a 6x12 canvas which i added some Patina paste to and more orange paste to complement the Dream Catcher. 

I love how this turned out. 

I used one of the skeleton clock faces as the largest part of the catcher, adding the circle from the Decorative frame and then finally the Dream Catcher. 

I cut apart the Decorative Frame #2 so i could use the circle behind the skeleton clock and i used the flourishes at the bottom of the catcher to add more detail. 

I cut apart the mini chains and used them as links; I added in the Feather Charms too. 

I hope you love my project this week and looking forward to inspiring you again soon.

Dusty Attic Materials Used:

Other Materials:
6x12 canvas; Prims Gesso; 
Prima Orange Rust Paste; 
Blue Rust Paste; 
Prima metal Hardware; 
Prima old Wax
Ranger Patina 


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