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Mar 17, 2020

HI Friends,

Its Karan Gerber here today to share some Mood Board Inspiration with you.
 i have an altered bottle to share with you for this months Mood Board Challenge!

I am calling it
 "Explore Sea Glass Bottle"

I pulled the blues and browns from the mood board and designed this as my inspiration.

I started out with a small wine bottle ( Mateus Rose) this measures about 10 inches high and around 5 inches wide in the center; its a bit smaller than most wine bottles, and i wasnt too disappointed that i had to empty the bottle first, haha

 but i bought this bottle especially for the size for me to alter.
I started out by priming the bottle and all the chipboard pieces as when i started i wasn't sure what i was going to do with it, the Decorative Frame  was the perfect size and fit top to bottom on this little bottle.

I had colored the leaves and small glass bottle on the front using colors to coordinate with the Mood Board. Mainly Patina paint form Ranger; Art Anthology and Prima Mists. 

  I wanted the bottle to look like it has been sitting half in the sand, and half exposed to water

i added crackle and pastes to the chipboard to give added texture

we have alot of snow right now so i took this photo below with it sitting on the snow bank on my deck

below you can see the results of the crackle paste, i left this to dry overnight

so there is my take on this months challenge, i hope you have enjoyed dropping by today.

Until Next Time ~~ Happy Scrapping

Dusty Attic Chipboard  Used:

Other Materials:
Mateus Wine Bottle; Prima Gesso and rust pastes Mists and crackle paste; 
Art Anthology Mists; Prima Mists


  1. Thank you, Karan, for posting this fabulous blue composition! Your work is nudging me closer and closer to the Mixed Media arena. If only I had kept the Mateus bottles of my 20's...........

  2. OMG this is incredibly creative! Love the awesome detailing and color richness. WOW


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